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01/09/19 04:13 PM #730    


Susan MacKinnon (Zieg)


01/10/19 10:18 AM #731    


Cynthia Garwood (Riggs)

This brought a smile & giggle to my morning is snowy Idaho...Thanks Guys. See ya in September.


01/10/19 11:37 AM #732    


Sharon Engstrom (Pickler)

    Hello to you all!  So very happy to see the excitement building for our 50th Reunion,  The committee is working so very hard to plan a special and memorable evening for us all! Watch for a post, Home Page, above 45th Party photos, for details on purchasing your ticket.  Don’t be the one saying, “I can’t believe I missed the fun”, be the one saying, “I am so happy I was a part of the fun”!   See you on September 7, 2019!

01/11/19 09:40 AM #733    


Linda Moore (Palmer)

What a wonderful portrait of you best buddies!


01/11/19 10:41 AM #734    


Sharon Engstrom (Pickler)

Good morning Rebels!  Tickets are purchased โœ… Donation madeโœ… Please know any additional monies donated helps! No amount is too small. Looking forward to seeing you ALL!

01/11/19 12:07 PM #735    


Chris Cummings (Noel)

Bought my ticket this morning!  Can’t wait to see everyone it should be a great eveningโ€ผ๏ธ  I also made a $50. Donation to be used for the band or photo booth or however it can help. Get your tickets now Rebels ๐Ÿฅฐ

01/11/19 10:03 PM #736    


Bekkie (Rebecca) Aguilar

Is the photo booth one of those where you sit and get a strip of pictures?? I USED to enjoy those when I was younger and going to amusement parks or fairs.  Seems we could at least have a better picture taken to commenorate this occassion. 

01/12/19 11:07 AM #737    


Terry Trautloff

I Bought my ticket this morning, and I also made a $50 donation. Be there or be square!

01/12/19 05:43 PM #738    


Cynthia Garwood (Riggs)

Well sounds like and wonderful time, looking forward to seing Everyone. Got my ticket too.

01/14/19 11:17 AM #739    


Sandra Walls (Kinser)

Bought my ticket this morning. Looking forward to the reunion.

01/15/19 08:28 AM #740    


Kenneth Allan Mitchell


I have the date inked in my calendar.  I will be in the midst of moving to Arizona during that time so I will have to hold off before I buy my ticket.  At least, I will be closer to Orange County after I move.  I attended the 40th and I had a great time.  I'm looking forward to the 50th.

I think the venue in Mission Viejo will be a great setting for the reunion.  

01/15/19 11:27 AM #741    


Sharon Engstrom (Pickler)

Thank you so very much Terry, Sandra, Cynthia and Ken! So grateful to see that you are all excited about our 50th and reconnecting with classmates!  This IS going to be a wonderful evening! Thank you so much, ๐ŸŽผ see you in September, see you when the summers through......๐ŸŽผ

01/16/19 01:17 PM #742    


John Brooklier

Happy to report that I bought my reunion tickets today. Look forward to a grand time in

September! John Brooklier 




01/17/19 10:44 AM #743    


Linda Moore (Palmer)

Just purchased my ticket today. I look forward to seeing everyone!

Linda Moore Palmer

01/17/19 11:40 AM #744    

Jan Hollinger (Hawkins)

Hi, Kids! I’m in with two tickets! Can’t wait and thank you for all the Committee’s hard work.

01/17/19 02:55 PM #745    


Ester Banks (Cusac)

I everyone and thank you for all of your hard work, unbelievable huh 50 yrs.!!  I purchased my ticket and with my health and everything goin on I may not make it. If I could ask the committee to let someone have my ticket if I don’t make it, I know you guys know the ones that can’t and would really like to be there.  This is very exciting to me and can’t wait to see everyone, very sadden by the list of some schoolmates that won’t be there in person but will be in our hearts.!!!  Bless all of you dear friends!,hope to see you there.                                     

Ester Cusac




01/18/19 11:15 AM #746    


Sharon Engstrom (Pickler)

 Hello Esther, thank you so much for purchasing your ticket in advance, it really helps. I’m sorry to hear of your health issues but we are all praying that you will have a turnaround and be able to attend the reunion and celebrate with all of us. The 50th is a pretty huge milestone! Also, so nice of you to let the committee know that you would like to help out someone who could not attend. I know a list will be kept for that reason.  Of course, we are sending prayers and support for your health improvement so that you were able to come and enjoy this wonderful evening with all of us. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

03/27/19 03:12 PM #747    

Tim Johnston

Prayers of support to you Ester that your health turns around and we will see you there!

Wishing to all, the best of health and i certanily miss our friends who left us early.

I made my reservations for Marie and myself today. Again looking forward to reuniting with

all my friends from I.O.Auto and the racing club.

Get your reservations in right away.

Tim Johnston

04/02/19 10:12 AM #748    


Kenneth Allan Mitchell

Tickets bought in advance, room booked, and my wife and I will be there.

04/03/19 11:31 AM #749    


Sharon Engstrom (Pickler)

Good morning ! Thank you Ken and Tim!  The plans are moving along and the excitement of the 50th is building! We so appreciate the early ticket purchase, it really helps us so much.  Spread the word, check out the missing classmates page to see if you can help with the whereabouts of missing classmates.  We would love to shorten that list and have more of us to add to the fun!  ๐ŸŽผSee you in September.......๐ŸŽผ

04/04/19 11:06 AM #750    


Bob Donoghue

Hi everyone, We purchased our tickets and are looking forward to seeing our fellow Rebels. This should be a really fun night! Our thougths go out to all of those who have left us way too soon. We wish Ester Banks a complete and speedy recovery and pray that she may be able to attend. We go back a very long ways Ester! It won't be the same without you! A huge thank you to everyone behind the seens working so hard to make this evening a success. If you have not purchased your tickets, now is the time to do so!! See all of you soon!! Bob & DeAnna 

05/18/19 10:28 AM #751    


Kenneth Allan Mitchell

Well, I made the move to Arizona and I am very confident that my tickets to the class reunion also made the move but, I cannot find them.  I am pretty sure the tickets are not lost and they know very well where they are but, I do not know where they are. 

Can anyone give me a hint on how would I go about trying to get duplicate tickets for the reunion or am I on a master checkoff list that someone will have to verify that I did purchase the tickets, as I arrive at the reunion event.

Any help would be appreciated because I definitely would not like to pay $190.00 again.


05/18/19 05:43 PM #752    


Bekkie (Rebecca) Aguilar

I didn't receive any tickets. I just have a receipt that I purchased them. Hmmmm

05/18/19 11:06 PM #753    


Kenneth Allan Mitchell

I kinda remember the credit card transaction record now. Via PM, Susan sent me a copy of that credit card transaction record. 

05/24/19 07:20 PM #754    


Mary Leonard (Spalliero)

Wasn't sure if I was going to make it, but now tickets are bought. See everyone in September. Thanks for organizing everything committee. 

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