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04/30/15 12:21 PM #697    


Cathleen Scafani

OMG.  I'm so sorry.  Thanks Kathie for letting me know. 

05/01/15 12:59 PM #698    


Verla Boak (Milburn)

I am so sorry to hear that.

05/30/15 10:10 PM #699    


Rick Fox

Sorry to hear the news. R.I.P. Michelle.

06/25/15 08:27 AM #700    


Kenneth Allan Mitchell

With all the negativity towards the confederate flag and related statues that is sweeping our nation, does anyone know if the Rebel statue in the senior quad is in jeopardy of being taken down?

06/26/15 07:27 AM #701    


Laura Nichols (Sturtevant)

Gosh, I hope not...That is our history....This is crazy.

06/26/15 10:10 AM #702    


Linda Moore (Palmer)

I think our Johnny Rebel Statue has been down for several years. Chris Cummings Noel has the best memory...she will confirm.

06/26/15 11:22 AM #703    

Karen Cordova

The statue is down and won't be replaced.  Below is the link to an OC Register article about the statue's demise.



06/26/15 01:45 PM #704    

Candice Moore (Moore-Dooley)

It's a sad state of affairs for everyone.  My kids school had to change their mascot because they were the "Indians" and the local tribes took offense.  Total nonsense.  

06/27/15 10:49 AM #705    


Chris Cummings (Noel)

Unfortunately Johnny Reb is gone. There was a group trying to raise funds to repair him headed up by some of the first graduating classes but the cost was so great and I think the interest wasn't there from the powers that be. It wasn't a Political decision but rather a maintenance issue. The stone wall planter bench surrounding the statue wasn't even to code and was loose and unsafe. The statue outer metal, or whatever it was cast with, was showing the underneath frame. So sad for those of us that looked at that center quad daily. 


06/27/15 01:46 PM #706    


Loren Thornton

  I'm sorry to say that we lost another Rebel. Tanya Vandemaele from the class of 1970 passed away on May 6th from a massive heart attack.  I loved to see her posts on her family, traveling and her smile. My prayers go out to her family and friends.

Loren Thornton



06/28/15 12:42 AM #707    


Chris Cummings (Noel)

Thank you Loren for letting everyone know about this. This message forum is so wonderful for getting out important information. I didn't know her but I'm sure many on here do. So sorry for family and friends. 

09/07/15 12:17 PM #708    


Chris Cummings (Noel)

Hello and Happy Labor Day to you all.

I would love to see as many of you as possible attend this upcoming annual HAPPY HOUR in Yorba Linda at the El Torito , right off the 91 freeway and Weir Canyon. This is a SAVANNA HIGH event that started over 25 yrs ago by older class grads. If you are interested it's a No Brainer. Just show up. We take over the side patio and bar.  Come casual. Buy your own food and drinks. No fee~just good mingling and conversations. This has grown tremendously over the past 6 yrs or so. Come on over on OCTOBER 2nd anytime after 4:30 and stay as long as you like. It's a great evening!

Hope to see many of you there   


03/02/18 02:35 PM #709    


Bekkie (Rebecca) Aguilar

Sandra Kinser forwarded a notice to me of a Class Reunion, being held this September, for Classes 1967-1970 (or close to those years).  They are charging $95 per person.  

What I'd like to know is are we, Class of 69, having a reunion next year?  Because it will be our 50th, I certainly don't want to "celebrate" with people from other classes, particularly when I had sisters in classes both before and after ours. Nor do I want to go to this reunion, if we are having one next year.

I haven't seen a lot of activity here, so I'm also wondering if anyone is using this site, and if there are plans happening for a 50th???

03/03/18 08:01 AM #710    


Kenneth Allan Mitchell


I also got a message from Elizabeth Akin and I believe she is from the Class of 68 regarding a combined Class Reunion to include our class and the date is September of this year and it will be at the Holiday Inn in Buena Park.

I agree, I also don't want to share a reunion with other classes.

My first thought was that Chris may have been burnt out from organizing the last one and Elizabeth was doing it for us and than I realize it was for multiple class and she was from the class of 68.  I think I don't like that idea of sharing.

Chris, and I believe Kathy, did a great job last time and I hope they do it for the 50th, next year on our 50th year.


03/03/18 08:34 PM #711    


Chris Cummings (Noel)

Hello. I’m getting a few concerns about the reunion that the class of ‘68 is hosting this year at Holiday Inn. This is NOT our reunion but they have opened it to a few classes surrounding theirs. It’s confusing. We have a group that’s willing to work on OURS for next year but we haven’t had a meeting as of yet. Class of ‘69 is SO AWESOME that we pretty much can fill our own reunions and of course we’ve always opened it up to others to join. By the way ~~~ any good suggestions?  Feel free to put them out here so we can consider everything  Thanks guys  we’ll be in touch!


03/03/18 09:26 PM #712    


Bekkie (Rebecca) Aguilar

Thanks for clarifying the fact that this reunion in September, is separate from OUR reunion.  Somehow, I just didn't want to share our 50th with the other classes, and I would think that the class of 68 would feel the same way.  At least, that's how my sister feels, though she is planning on attending the one in September.  The 50th should be a very special one, though the class of 69 is the only one, that I know of, that manages to get together almost every 5 years!!  Seems like we just get done celebrating one reunion, and it's time for the next. 

I remember going with my family, to my dad's 50th reunion, in Lompoc.  They, of course, had a dinner/dance, then some kind of picnic the next day at a park - though with so many people from out of town, I'm not sure how that part would work.  Anyway, I meant a lot to my dad, who loved being in touch with old friends.  One of my nephews had a favorite story about being in Guymas, in Baja California, with his grandpa, and they stopped for gas.  My nephew saw dad talking to someone and when dad got back in the car, the nephew asked Dad who he'd been talking to.  Apparently, it was someone he'd gone to high school with - talk about a small world!

Anyway, sorry for going off topic!   Suggestions?  I think I'd like to see it at a nice hotel, even the Holiday Inn, in Buena Park, would be a nice place to have it.  As much fun as the last couple of get togethers have been at that place in Santa Ana, I think I'd like somewhere a little nicer!  I'm trying to think of some of the places, but I am so cold from this weather we're having, that my mind is just not working at the moment!


05/15/18 09:38 PM #713    


Bekkie (Rebecca) Aguilar

Just saw the email notice about the September 7th date for our 50th reunion.  I'm in!  And if there is anyway I can help, please let me know.

05/16/18 03:33 PM #714    

Susan MacKinnon (Zieg)

Thanks, Bekkie!

I want to be sure that you know the reunion is 9/7 of NEXT year - that may have been obvious, but I just want to  be sure...

We're just getting to looking at our venue options that will work with a September date.  Later (early summer) we will start to divide up into committee and we would LOVE help when we get to that point.  I'm putting you on the contact list!!

Thanks, again, and best regards!

Sue MacKinnon Zieg

05/17/18 11:23 AM #715    


Sandra Walls (Kinser)

Looking forward to our 50th reunion in Sept 2019! I'll be there with my friend Bekki Augilar.

05/17/18 01:07 PM #716    


Bekkie (Rebecca) Aguilar

Sandra! Sandra! Sandra!!  After all these years, you still can't spell my last name!!  hahahahaha

Susan - Yes, I knew it was next year!  I've been putting together an Aguilar Family Reunion that is taking place at the end of this month, and my mind has been going round in circles with that!

I am more than happy to help any way i can; just let me know.  Question - I remember one year that we had a reunion, and the Friday night before, everyone went to the Savanna football game.  Guess it's too early to know what their schedule would be for that, huh?  Another, are we talking sit down dinner or buffet?  Forgive the questions, I learned from my mom to get organized and be organized, so I tend to come up with all sorts of questionss at things like this!  (Sorry!)

05/18/18 10:54 AM #717    


Sandra Walls (Kinser)


Not that I can't spell, I can't type! LOL Looking forward to our Vegas trip in June.


05/18/18 01:18 PM #718    


Bekkie (Rebecca) Aguilar

Sandra - hahahahaha  I'm looking forward to Vegas too!  I just have to get through this Family reunion, next Saturday.

05/21/18 10:57 PM #719    


Cathleen Scafani


Hi my friends. Just wanted to let you know I’m still kicking  I think if you often  


11/13/18 02:38 PM #720    


Bekkie (Rebecca) Aguilar

I'm just wondering why our 50th Reunion has to be held so far away from where we graduated.  Surely there were plenty of places, throughout northern Orange County that would have been just as nice, and not been outside.  And why is the "early bird" registration only through February?

I'm going to have to give a lot of thought as to whether or not I really want to go out that far now.

11/14/18 12:06 PM #721    

Susan MacKinnon (Zieg)

Hi, Bekkie,

I appreciate your comments and wanted to respond right away.  FIRST, I hope the So. County location won't keep you away!!  The Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club is a beautiful location for an early Southern California Fall evening outdoor event (while the weather is 99% predictable to be WONDERFUL!) and they are providing us with great extras, set-up, amenities and buffet choices at a very reasonable rate.  We looked at nearly a dozen places throughout the county and this one was a standout in lots of ways.  We hope it will provide a beautfiul backdrop to a very special evening.

I also just wanted to explain that the purpose of an "early bird" price is to encourage folks to commit early, which will, in turn, encourage others to come so we have a great turnout AND to provide funding for expenses that we are already incurring and expect to have to cover early on (deposits, decor, entertainment, etc.). (Right now folks on the committee are dipping into their own pockets and will need to be reimbursed.) We are also offering refunds through, I think, July, if people have to back out later.

Anyway,  I hope this explanation helps - we would miss you if you don't make it, so PLEASE come!

Thanks, on behalf of the volunteer committee,

Sue MacKinnon Zieg

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