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08/28/19 12:06 PM #792    


Chris Cummings (Noel)

Dana we got you covered. I already sent your Jr picture to Veda a few days ago.  I’m sure you look the same 🧐😉. 

08/31/19 08:58 PM #793    


Sheryl Stevens (Arends)

We just arrived in Orange County this afternoon! Lots of activities this week down here. Looking forward to seeing everyone next Saturday! The only thing I forgot to bring was my band jacket. Oh rats!

Sheryl (Stevens) Arends

09/01/19 11:46 PM #794    


Sandee Szijarto (Spencer)


Looking at Mike Evan’s ID card reminded me how I switched out my photo to my 1967-1968 photo because I thought it was horrible….I would kill for either one of those faces now!!  Ha!


3 Questions; Does anyone still have their class ring?  Does it fit your finger? Can you read the year on the side without glasses?  I scored 2 out of the three.  What’s your score?

Thank you reunion comittee for planning what sounds to be a very fun evening.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

09/02/19 01:40 PM #795    


Veda Chappell

Sandee, hope you’ll bring these to the reunion. If it’s the ring that doesn’t fit please wear it with the pendant on a chain, but I’m guessing it’s the embossed year you can’t read. I plan to wear a couple pieces of Savanna paraphernalia and it’s not my cheerleading uniform. Those were loaned to us and wouldn’t fit now anyways. Looking forward to seeing you!


09/02/19 03:52 PM #796    


Linda Moore (Palmer)

I have my ring....does it fit? hahahahahaha! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Would like to look like this! Flip hairdo styles are back.....look at Veda today!

09/04/19 04:47 AM #797    


Marina Bueno (McLendon)

Are there any other organized activities this weekend, like a Friday night gathering or Saturday brunch etc? Out-of-towners are asking?

09/05/19 01:19 PM #798    


Sandy Ramsey

I will be at the Marriott Friday and Saturday night if any of you want to get together, maybe for snacks in the bar?

09/05/19 07:47 PM #799    


Marina Bueno (McLendon)

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

09/05/19 08:40 PM #800    

Lynn Timmons (Plocher)

To all of classmates. Best wishes and I know that everyone will have a wonderful 50th celebration. I am sorry I will miss the festivities but the time of year doesn’t allow me to be away from work. Have a wonderful time and to the planning committee sit back and relax. Enjoy. The weather should be perfect. 

09/06/19 10:32 AM #801    


Linda Moore (Palmer)

Nice memory photo Marina! I think only 2 from that photo will not be attending. See you soon!


09/06/19 11:02 AM #802    

Tim Johnston



Sorry that work dosen't allow you to attend. 

Tim Johnston

09/06/19 11:45 AM #803    


Mary Leonard (Spalliero)

Finally made it to California after our week long touring journey to get here. Saw Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and Sedona. Wonderful adventure. See everyone on Saturday.


09/06/19 01:27 PM #804    


Sharon Engstrom (Pickler)

THIS IS ALL SO VERY EXCITING!  So very grateful for all of the sacrifices our classmates have made to celebrate together!  

09/08/19 04:57 PM #805    


Larry Patterson

Hey Everyone - I just wanted to say thank you to the Reunion Committe for doing such a great job on our 50th.  It was great seeing old friends and finding out what is going on in their lives.  Looking at the list this morning I see that there were many people that I missed talking to last night but those that I did, I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation.  It's hard to believe that we have made 50 trips around the sun since we walked out of school that June day in 1969.  Like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at DLand says, "Time and tide waits for no Man".  Seems like we gotta accept time racing by but it was fun listening to everything people are doing to enjoy this life while they can.  Here's hoping you all have a healthy and happy upcoming year as well as many more.  Best regards,

Larry Patterson

09/09/19 09:45 AM #806    


Linda Moore (Palmer)

Larry, I couldn't have said any better. I too congradulate this hard working committee on a very successful and special evening.


09/14/19 08:59 PM #807    


Tim Maxon

Anyone have pictures to post? Nothing happens when I press 50th reunion memmories

09/15/19 09:26 AM #808    


Cynthia Garwood (Riggs)

I’m sure many will tell you, go to Facebook Chrissi Cummings Noel , I have saved every picture ‘your in a lot 😏. Enjoy


09/15/19 12:32 PM #809    


Chris Cummings (Noel)

Tim same thing happened to me so I contacted Sue and she’s looking into it. I always take lots of photos and I’ve seen several from some of you but not everyone’s on FB and can’t view. I figured I’d start the ball rolling. I’d love to see everyone’s. Ron Clark was talking pics of everyone and going to send Bob Canary a CD. Hopefully that will get loaded onto that site as well. 

Yes take all our photos. Save the ones you all like. These are memories of a lifetime. Some of us in these photos won’t be at our next events. Photos are precious. I wish more classmates saw the value and took their cameras out to capture moments. But for those that didn’t please enjoy the fact that those of us that do post them do it for us all. Hope that site gets up and running. And yes Tim was in many of mine. Wish I got one of everyone there 💜

09/16/19 09:26 PM #810    


Susan MacKinnon (Zieg)

Hi, all - I'm working on getting our "dead link" fixed on the 50th Reunion Memories link so EVERYONE can/will post ALL their pics - I'll post an announcement and a message as soon as it's fixed.

Kathy Goldsworthy Zeiser, PLEASE forgive me for your name not appearing as a committee member on the first version of my latest announcement - went out before I proofed it thoroughly...what a duhhh... - You are one of my closest friends and the BEST treasurer we could have had on the committee.  I'm a dunce!

09/17/19 11:39 AM #811    


Sandra Caldwell (Ortega)

Larry and I want to also thank the reunion committee for all the time an energy spend, and all the donors for a fabulous successful event! It was an unforgetable evening. It was great connecting with friends and new aquaintences. Looking forward to the next reunion. Stay healthy everyone!

09/30/19 11:25 PM #812    


Cathleen Scafani

Today... my heart is broken. We have lost another brother today. Bruce Boyer. I almost can’t even write this because I don’t want to believe it. I’m soooo very grateful that we had the gift of being together at our 50th. We are family and whether you realize it our not... you are all our family and we love you dearly. When you get a chance to connect.. just do it!  God bless you Bruce for making our lives better having known and loved you ❤️🙏🏼

09/30/19 11:30 PM #813    


Cathleen Scafani

Bruce couldn’t be at the reunion. I know it sounded like I said he was there.. but I meant YOU ALL. YOU THE ONE WHO IS READING THIS. With a heavy heart.  His wife Zleslie will keep me posted on his celebration of life. I will keep you posted. 

11/19/20 04:53 PM #814    


Rick Fox

I received the sad news that Dan Dawkins passed on this morning 11/19/2020. Those that remember him will remember a quiet, friendly guy. R.I.P. Dan 🙏🏼

11/20/20 11:05 AM #815    


Linda Moore (Palmer)

I remember Dan fondly. May he rest in peace. 

03/20/24 07:52 AM #816    


Kenneth Allan Mitchell

Will there be a 55th this year or will we have to wait for the 60th? Just curious.

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